Arnold Swolezenegger

Arnold, one of the mighty brophets of  Brodin, came forth from Austria in 1968 with the swolly spirit resting mightily upon his traps. Giving worship at the Temple for hours each day, he offered presses, squats, and lifting of the deads in homage to Brodin. In return, Brodin looked upon his earnest sacrifice and blessed him with seven Mr. Brolympia titles, saying, "Go forth, Oak of Austria, and bring good tidings to the people. The time of weak privilege and mediocrity have come to an end. Through you, I will restore my people to glory and you will smite down spandex pants, disco, and funk."

Arnold, in diligence, obeyed and became a swoldier of Brodin. Under great tutelage from his mentor, Bro Weider, he began contibuting snipets of brophecy and gains to magazines and books. When it became clear that the vanquishing of weakness would require extra work, a series of documentaries on the life of the strong-swole was made. In one of the earlier episodes titled Bronan the Barbellarian, Arnold showed the world that for a time, the weak may rule and have dominance, but in time, the swole will conquer. With sword and shield he vanquished his foe, killed the men, and lay with women. In later episodes such as The Terminator, he demonstrated how hard it is to kill the swole of body and mind. In fact, his gains had reached new heights of swoltitude that he transcended the form of mere mortals and became a machine of pure iron. 

When the weak privileged fought back and attempted to return mankind to the depths of spandex pants and disco, Arnold arose from slumber, morphed into the Governator, and with grip firm as iron, kept the people from straying from the path set forth by Brodin. When his time was up, he went into meditation, reflecting upon all that he had accomplished. However, many a man gave up hope and Arnold, a brophet to the end, returned when all hope seemed to vanish and said "I'm back!".

In order that we, the chosen, may understand the journey and the trials traversed by Swolezenegger, he kept detailed notes of his time in The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. Like any true disciple, he has learned so much about the path to Swolehalla that he updated The Encyclopedia to reflect the new and improved information.

Although Arnold was a mere mortal with future bleaker than the cardio section, he answered the call of He whose quads be heavy, and shone a beacon of light on the swole.