Chapter 7 Edit

12 And Brodin said to gym goers: It is impossible to be defeated by Broki, my son. There is a perpetual battle between him and Brodin waging war in your head every day, and the only thing that determines who wins is who you give your resources to. 13 You cannot have swole without the unswole, and so the battle must continue.

14 My children, Broki may have won yesterday or last week's battles. Your inner Brodin may have lost every battle he's taken on, but he can still win the next one with your help. Some days the battles are easier to win than others but with enough passion Brodin will prevail and take you to protein paradise.

15 And with that the crowd dispersed, furiously shaking blender bottles and putting back in their earbuds.

Chapter 23Edit

13 Let not the gains of your heart diminish the gains from your mind for the path of iron is long and full of hardship.

14 Do not fret for worrying is the worst form of cardio.